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How to clean your butcher block or chopping board
28 March 2020

How to clean your butcher block or chopping board

Cleaning your Butcher Block or Chopping Board is simple, but there is one golden rule you must always follow.  Never, Never and never again drop your butcher block or chopping board in a sink full of water.  And if you have a dish washer do not put your board in the machine.  Wood unlike plastic is a natural material and if you do the above do not be suprised if your board starts to crack and fall apart. 

So what must you do, it is so simple.  Scrub your board with a course brush and with mild detergrent in soapy water.  After this simply spray the board with vinegar or rub in salt to disinfect.  If you are feeling brave then apply one or two strokes of sandpaper, fine wood grade and apply a food grade mineral oil.  Your board will look as good as new.

Happy chopping

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