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How to dress a Chef's Block bread board beautifully...
12 February 2020

How to dress a Chef's Block bread board beautifully...

Ok, so you've decided to invite some good mates over or family and you are wanting to add that extra little touch to your presentation. How would you make your Chefs Block bread board look extra special. The great thing about this is that it is so quick and simple to really make a statement and wow your mates or family. At the very least, you will probably get the a few positive chirps (hopefully from mom-in-law too!) which is all you need to motivate you for the next dining experience at your pozzi!!

The Chefs block range of boards and servers quite easily allow you to dress up your breakfast/lunch/dinner or snacks or dress it down. Many people use our beautiful boards as a talking piece on the table while others just make sure the boards are loaded with colourful food and snacks to make sure the family and friends are teased with great food at all times. The choice is really yours. The one common thread through all of this, is that when you use a Chefsblock board, you can be rest assured there is quality and handcrafted attention to detail. So get shopping and get yours now!!!! Click here to shop.

Please have a good look at some of the examples of using food styling with our exquisite wooden boards...

Pizza board Wooden board snacks

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