About Us

Chefs Block launched at the end of 2013 with the aim of developing functional but beautiful chopping boards and butcher blocks, that would be valued by top chefs and home cooks alike. At first we only manufactured end grain chopping boards, but we quickly identified the need to manufacture a range of chopping boards and serving boards that could be used for both preparing and serving great food.

A diverse collection of products for the kitchen and dining room have evolved from both research and experience. These products have been created to inspire people to savor every detail when cooking, dining and sharing. Our love and passion for food influences the products we develop. Whether a large cutting board used for working better while cooking for 12, or simply a serving block to display your cheeses and cold meats.


Our small, select group of crafts people work exclusively with sustainable wood, sourced locally and abroad. Each individual block is carefully hand-matched to create a unique work of art that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Since the introduction of these blocks, they have become best sellers in many shops across South Africa.

We are proud to say that our blocks are manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa.


Our designers are continuously evolving and developing new ranges of chopping blocks and serving boards. As a South African company we identified the need to develop a range of blocks that would add finesse and style to our unique South African institution, the SA "Braai". Our new range of braai blocks is a South African first and have certainly introduced the "wow factor" to any Braai.

Our goal is to collaborate & create original, functional objects handcrafted to be used every day and passed down for generations. Bon appétit! (lekker braai)