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Free Standing Magnetic Knife Block

Free Standing Magnetic Knife Block

R 2,500.00


The new way to store your knives.
This unique spin on the traditional knife block is high-design and high-function. The wooden stand is fully magnetic, so you can line both sides with up to 4  knives (8 total), making them easy to grab and keeping them visible so you'll always know which knife you're grabbing for. The space-saving block can lay flat against your backsplash, or can even be used as a bookend. Choose from a golden brown Kiaat or oak.

  • Free Standing Magnetised two sides 
  • Length 300mm Depth 200mm (Raised 35mm from Table Top}
  • Min Capacity Eight large knives(Blade width 30mm)     
  • Wood – Kiaat 

All items are packed and shipped within 2 weeks of order. 

Delivery fee not included and quoted separately per item.

Maintaining your block is easy.

Occasional sanding (320 grain) will restore the original finish. Periodically apply mineral oil with a cloth in the direction of the grain, and allow it to soak in. 

After 10 minutes, remove surface oil with a dry cloth.

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