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R 2,400.00


This kiaat chopping board is constructed using the creme de la creme method - the end grain construction.  But the greatest this is that for the price of one you get two chopping boards.  The big mother is used for chopping heavy duty items whilst the smaller board can be used for light chopping or presenting your prestigous cheese platter.

• Solid Kiaat 
• 420x350x65mm thick end grain Construction 
• ChefsBlock Cream w/ Beeswax Finish 
• end grain inlet

All items are packed and shipped within 2 weeks of order. 

Delivery fee not included and quoted separately per item.

Maintaining your block is easy. Clean with a damp cloth and soap. Do not immerse in water or place in a dishwasher. 

Occasional sanding (320 grain) will restore the original finish. Periodically apply mineral oil with a cloth in the direction of the grain, and allow it to soak in. 

After 10 minutes, remove surface oil with a dry cloth.

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