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Round Kiaat Board Large

Round Kiaat Board Large

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  • 650x770x15mm

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Cleaning your Butcher Block or Chopping Board is simple, but there is one golden rule you must always follow.  Never, Never and never again drop your butcher block or chopping board in a sink full of water.  And if you have a dish washer do not put your board in the machine.  Wood unlike plastic is a natural material and if you do the above do not be suprised if your board starts to crack and fall apart. 

So what must you do, it is so simple.  Scrub your board with a course brush and with mild detergrent in soapy water.  After this simply spray the board with vinegar or rub in salt to disinfect.  If you are feeling brave then apply one or two strokes of sandpaper, fine wood grade and apply a food grade mineral oil.  Your board will look as good as new.


How to look after your chefs block Chopping Board

In these difficult times an investment in a Chefsblock chopping board is a big investment.  However buying our chopping board will guarantee you
a kitchen utensil that will last you and your family for generations to come.  People often ask me how do I take care of my chefs block butcher block.
My answer to them is quite simple.  There is not really much you have to do other than preventing its submersion in water.  But what if they want to nourish the wood
particularly when they first purchase our board.  I would then suggest applying a coat of mineral oil or even better a coat of mineral oil and beeswax at least one or twice or week for the first few months.